„Each CMO has different CAPABILITIES, QUALITIES and a different MINDSET. It is therefore a big challenge to select the right CMO partner. With our experience we can help you to find the best CMO for your specific process development and GMP manufacturing requirements.“


Welcome !

Christoph Engelbrecht has founded Engelbrecht Biotech Consulting in 2015 to offer Biotech companies Consulting Services and his expertise in Custom Process Development and GMP Manufacturing for Biologics.

Engelbrecht Biotech Consulting mainly focuses on two services:

CMO PARTNER SELECTION for Process Development & GMP Manufacturing

Further possible collaborations & services

Engelbrecht Biotech Consulting´s mission is to select the right CMO partner for you that fulfils your project requirements and fits to your company philosophy. After selecting the right CMO partner Engelbrecht Biotech Consulting offers to manage your external project requirements and CMO collaboration. We make sure your timeline, the budget and your product qualities are met.

Your advantages working with Engelbrecht Biotech Consulting:

  • Efficient and cost-effective CMO selection process
  • On demand consulting and flexible contracting
  • Remain focussed on your core projects
  • Low risk of project failure and delays
  • Budget compliance
  • Streamlined project management